Welcome to our blog!

We are Emma and Jo, two Londoners who met at the University of Manchester long enough ago for us to not want to tell you!

We met one day in 2012 to go to the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the V&A. Jo had just had her nails done by the WAH team and so a shared appreciation/love/obsession with nail art began. After that everything spiraled out of control really as we found we were creating new designs regularly. 

where it all began...

We set up this blog in order to share our love of all things nail art. On here you will find everything from our favourite nail colours, to nail art tutorials and inspiration for your own designs. We find inspiration for new nail art in everything we see: art, furnishings, TV, music, the weather - all sorts! One of our main aims with this blog is to create new and exciting designs that we haven't seen anywhere else. However, sometimes other bloggers create the cutest designs that we just have to try but we will always give credit for this type of inspiration. 

Please leave us comments with feedback and requests.

Emma & Jo xx
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