Friday, 27 January 2017

Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab

After the crazy cold winter we've been having in the UK, compounded by a week in the Alps my nails are in an absolutely shocking state. I struggle a lot with dry, thin and splitting nails which is only worsened by cold weather. Sally Hansen's brand new moisturising treatment could not have come at a better time!

Whilst I adore the mountains and had a fabulous week in Val Thorens, the atmosphere was definitely not great for my nails. Many people don't realise how thin and dry the air is at high altitude, and temperatures of -26 degrees add another damaging factor. At this temperature any moisture in the air will freeze causing an effect which makes the air appear to sparkle, I could tell how dry it was this year as there wasn't even any moisture in the air to freeze! 

Sally Hansen's Moisture Rehab* is an overnight nail serum which works in the same way as overnight face creams. The nutrient rich serum is packed with a blend of black orchid, acai, algae actives and humectants. Moisture Rehab* works its magic on nails and cuticles overnight leaving you with hydrated and rejuvenated tips! 

Sally Hansen Moisture Rich

Moisture Rehab* can help with all sorts of issues including ridges, brittle nails, cracking, splitting and damaged cuticles. Hydrated nail beds and cuticles will lead to healthy, flexible nails and longer lasting manicures - what's not to love?

It couldn't be more simple, apply it just like like nail varnish onto naked or painted nails, massage in and relax! I tested it out last night and was amazed how quickly the serum was absorbed. After using cuticle oil for so long I was expecting a slightly greasy formula but it wasn't at all. The gel-like serum absorbs leaving no residue or strong scent. There is a slight fresh scent to it which I found really pleasing. 

Sally Hansen - Moisture Rehab* is available now in Superdrug, RRP £9.95

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