Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sally Hansen Royal Spendlor Miracle Gel

I know I say it every time I post but we're so sorry we have been absent for the past few months. I have been completely wrapped up in wedding preparations but as there's only 3 weeks (eek!!) to go now I'm starting to see the light at the tunnel and am itching to get back into blogging. My nails are in awful shape after being neglected for so long so please be patient with me whilst I get them back up to standard! 

We were very excited to be welcomed into the Sally Hansen Insider Group recently, not just because they sent us flip flops with a cat face on!! Mainly because it gave us the perfect excuse to pull our finger out and get back into blogging. 

The first parcel included the brand new Royal Splendor Miracle Gel collection, four new shades perfect for autumn, along with the Miracle Gel 2 x volume top coat. You don't need a UV lamp for these gels, the top coat is specially designed to harden in natural light giving you a gorgeous shiny mani which lasts!

Frill Seeker

Everyone loves a good nude, especially as we head towards the end of summer and have to start thinking about putting the brights away. The formula of this polish is lovely and thick. Unlike some other nudes the colour density is great so you'll get full coverage with two coats. The application is smooth and the Miracle Gel Top Coat* leaves a super glossy finish. Frill Seeker* is probably a tad peachy for my skin tone but it will be perfect for Emma so think I'll pass it on to her. Now I might have been spoilt by quick dry polishes but it did feel like this took a while to dry, so make sure you leave a little extra time between coats, it will be worth it! I rushed it a bit and the top coat streaked so I had to do it again, error. 

Regal Rose

I learn my lesson from Frill Seeker* and let Regal Rose* dry a little more between coats with much better results. I found this polish to have a thinner formula making it more sheer. However, it was fully opaque after two coats which I'm putting down to the inclusion on shimmer pieces. The colour looks a tad grannyish in the bottle but it brightens a fair bit once it's on and leaves a subtle pink mani with only a hint of shimmer. I'm currently searching for a nail varnish to wear on my wedding day and this is now firmly on the list. I hadn't thought of having a pink but the subtlety of Regal Rose* has changed my mind.

Off with her Red!

Oh my god this is the most satisfying polish to apply ever! The formula is so smooth and silky, not thick at all but the colour density is insane. I was tempted to go for one coat but wanted to keep consistency with the others. If you're in a rush you could definitely get away with one. Off with her Red* looks fairly pinkish going on, almost leaning towards a raspberry or cherry red. I don't wear a lot of red but love this one, it's just so feminine! The thinner formula seemed to help this polish dry faster and it was super glossy even before adding the gel top coat.

Can't Beet Royalty

Another red, but very different to Off with her Red!* This one is much deeper and darker, the name suggests a beetroot shade but I would call is more burgundy. Most of my burgundy polishes have a slightly pinkish tinge but this one leans much more to the brown end of the spectrum. However, it doesn't come out as brown as it looks in the bottle so don't let that put you off. The formula of Can't Beet Royalty* is similar to Off with her Red*, silky smooth, mmm! Another stunning colour to round out the new additions to the range. This one will definitely be in use once autumn arrives. 

I have to say, although autumnal shades aren't always my favourites, I do love this collection. Regal Rose is a stand out favourite for me, it's so simple and pretty, I could wear it all year round! Which is your favourite? 

All these polishes are available now at a RRP of £9.99 each. 

Jo x


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