Monday, 29 August 2016

Barry M and Boots Limited Edition Golden Sands

Now I finally feel like I have a grip on the wedding logistics I've finally got around to thinking about my beauty regime - a little late but oh well! What I really need to decide is what to do with my nails. As a nail blogger everyone has been asking me, and most people want to know if I'll be wearing nail art. I'm sorry to say that I won't be, although I secretly love the idea I don't want to look back on the photos in years to come and have any regrets. 
The other day I found a stash of Barry M summer polishes that I hadn't got round to swatching. One in particular caught my eye, the Limited Edition Boots polish - Golden Sands*. It's a pale peachy shade full of gold flecks. I say flecks as they're somewhere between glitter and iridescent powder. I just fell in love with the way they caught the light. 

As my wedding band and jewellery is all silver in colour I am still in two minds about wearing the gold shimmer on my nails. However, after wearing it for a few days I still absolutely love it. The gold is really subtle so not super noticeable, but just makes for a much more interesting mani than plain nude! And then there's the question of do I go for polish or gel, or attempt some sort of combo to ensure no chipping disasters... who would have thought it would be so complicated?!

The polish itself is super smooth and easy to apply, as you would expect from Barry M. I love the cute Limited Edition bottle too, certainly makes this polish look and feel luxurious! I'm not sure how much longer this shade will be around for but they're still available online so I urge you to get one while you can! As it's limited edition it's RRP is £3.99, but there are usually plenty of Barry M deals about so keep an eye out.

Those of you who are married - help! What did you wear on your nails on the big day?

Jo x

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