Thursday, 7 July 2016

Florals for a French Wedding

Recently we received a gorgeous package of new summer gel polishes from Red Carpet Manicure. Their 'Escape to Paradise' collection is the perfect mix of brights, neons and pastels for your holidays! I already tried out Until the Sun-Sets* for my holiday to Portugal a few weeks ago. It's an absolutely stunning neon coral and was perfect! I have awful thin bendy nails so it did start to peel a little for me, but lasted a good 7-10 days before I couldn't resist peeling it off (naughty!) My Mum went for Frolic in the Sand* and hers lasted ages so that goes to show the benefits of looking after your nails!

Before we head off to Gatwick once again (this time for a wedding in France) I thought I'd take the chance to try out my second favourite from the collection, Yacht Hoppin*. It's a soft dusty mint green and I think it's just beautiful. Perfect for summer! 

I wasn't planning on adding nail art but the sun was shining and the garden has just come into bloom so I was inspired to add florals. I reached for my trusty Barry M's to create a relatively simple dots and rose design. I contemplated a mix and match with some glitter but I probably won't have time to remove these before work next week so thought better of anything too eye-catching!

The Barry M's I used are; Key Lime, Cardamom*, Fuchsia Generation*, and Freestyle*, along with a white nail art pen for the dots. 

This is the first time I have attempted mixing polish with gel and creating longer lasting nail art. I've been wearing gels quite a bit recently in an attempt to stop my nails breaking but it's nice to look down and see something a little more special. We rarely keep our nail art designs on for more than a day or two using regular polish so hopefully I don't get bored of this design after three days! The polish applied really easily to the gel and despite being a little nervous I didn't get any smudging from the gel top coat (phew!) The only issue I did have was that gel is sticky between layers so I kept getting bits of fluff stuck on my nails while I was adding the florals. I've learnt to be a bit more careful in future! I'm not sure if the polish will react with the gel at all and affect how long it lasts but I'll let you know. 

I am aware this is our first proper post for a long time and am very sorry. Life has just been so hectic for Emma and I this year and unfortunately blogging time has been limited. Thank you to all those who have stuck with us!


Jo x

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