Thursday, 7 July 2016

Florals for a French Wedding

Recently we received a gorgeous package of new summer gel polishes from Red Carpet Manicure. Their 'Escape to Paradise' collection is the perfect mix of brights, neons and pastels for your holidays! I already tried out Until the Sun-Sets* for my holiday to Portugal a few weeks ago. It's an absolutely stunning neon coral and was perfect! I have awful thin bendy nails so it did start to peel a little for me, but lasted a good 7-10 days before I couldn't resist peeling it off (naughty!) My Mum went for Frolic in the Sand* and hers lasted ages so that goes to show the benefits of looking after your nails!

Before we head off to Gatwick once again (this time for a wedding in France) I thought I'd take the chance to try out my second favourite from the collection, Yacht Hoppin*. It's a soft dusty mint green and I think it's just beautiful. Perfect for summer! 

I wasn't planning on adding nail art but the sun was shining and the garden has just come into bloom so I was inspired to add florals. I reached for my trusty Barry M's to create a relatively simple dots and rose design. I contemplated a mix and match with some glitter but I probably won't have time to remove these before work next week so thought better of anything too eye-catching!

The Barry M's I used are; Key Lime, Cardamom*, Fuchsia Generation*, and Freestyle*, along with a white nail art pen for the dots. 

This is the first time I have attempted mixing polish with gel and creating longer lasting nail art. I've been wearing gels quite a bit recently in an attempt to stop my nails breaking but it's nice to look down and see something a little more special. We rarely keep our nail art designs on for more than a day or two using regular polish so hopefully I don't get bored of this design after three days! The polish applied really easily to the gel and despite being a little nervous I didn't get any smudging from the gel top coat (phew!) The only issue I did have was that gel is sticky between layers so I kept getting bits of fluff stuck on my nails while I was adding the florals. I've learnt to be a bit more careful in future! I'm not sure if the polish will react with the gel at all and affect how long it lasts but I'll let you know. 

I am aware this is our first proper post for a long time and am very sorry. Life has just been so hectic for Emma and I this year and unfortunately blogging time has been limited. Thank you to all those who have stuck with us!


Jo x


  1. This is such a gorgeous collection and I love the nail art you've created. Can't beat a floral! Hope the wedding went well. You'll have enough pictures soon to do a post all about the dresses at these weddings, I'm dying to see what you girls have been wearing.
    Always love seeing your posts pop up, I'll always be following you (in a non creepy way).
    Vicky xx

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  4. What a stunning design! Being in love with nail art, I've already tried tons of beautiful designs too. Now I'm nuts about crazy acrylic nail designs like those on website.


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