Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Jamberry Nail Wraps

Quite a while ago now (wrist slap for us!) we received an exciting package of goodies from the lovely Leah Bell at Jamberry. This package included a collection of gorgeous Jamberry nail wraps and a polish - but we'll show you that later. We've never tried wraps before so I was very intrigued to test them out and this week I finally got my chance!
Jamberry is brand new to the UK, having started over in the USA. The wraps are made to be easy to use and durable, meaning you can get up to two weeks wear from a DIY mani - not bad! There are no harsh chemicals or UV lights involved and they're even gentle enough for kids (the children's range is super cute!) I was amazed to find that there are over 300 designs to choose from, so there really is something for everyone.
Leah kindly sent us a mix of samples along with a couple of full sets. Unfortunately I didn't open up all the envelopes before I got started so I didn't see all the mix and match wraps. Some of them were stunners so I'll have to show you them another time. Instead I tested out an equally gorgeous blue and silver set called On Holiday*. I was amazed by how sparkly they were, you can obviously get a lot more detail onto a wrap than by using normal polish, the depth was just amazing, especially when they caught the sunshine. The finish is a soft matte which really appealed to me, but they come in all different styles. 

I've never tried wraps as I figured they'd be a pain to get on, but I have to admit these were relatively foolproof. First you need to clean your nails with an alcohol swab or cleanser. Then you simply peel off the wrap, heat it with a hairdryer (on low so you don't burn your fingers - I learnt that the hard way), apply carefully to the nail and press down. If any bits don't adhere straight away you can just apply heat directly to your nail and smooth it all out. Lastly you cut off and file away the excess. I wasn't great at getting it crazy neat along the edges, but hey, it was my first go so I didn't do too badly!
If you want a long lasting DIY mani these wraps are brilliant. I've just been having a look through the catalogue and the choice is endless - I'm eyeing up those chrome badboys! They're not cheap at £15 a set, however for that price you get enough for two manicures, two pedicures and numerous accent nails, pretty good! 

I'm not sure if I'm a complete wrap convert after trying these, but I will admit I've opened my mind to the possibilities a little more. I'm especially intrigued about whether or not I could make a set last through a two week holiday as that would be incredible! I haven't been able to do a longevity test for you yet but once these were on and cooled they felt pretty solid so I'm hopeful they'll live up to their claims. 

If you want to try out any of the Jamberry nail wraps (or other products) just check out their website - here. Alternatively there's always Pinterest or Facebook.

The Jamberry designs are so pretty you might find them inspiring some of our own nail art soon!

Jo x


  1. Ooh I love the ones you're wearing, they're so pretty. I've yet to try Jamberry so I may give them a go.

    1. Vicky if you would like a sample just PM me on FB. I'd love to help you out! Emma and Jo also got some lacquer in their goodie bag - so stay tuned for that review!


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