Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Coconut Infusions Floral Aztec

I can't work our why these photos came out with such a pink hue and it's really bugging me, so first off, sorry about that! This mani is very similar to one I created last summer but I absolutely loved it so decided to have another go. I think I still prefer my first attempt as I the colour mix was better but this design is so cute for summer! Ironically it's pissing it down with rain as I write this...

I used the new Barry M Coconut Infusion collection here, teamed up with some oldies from my helmer. The Coconut Infusion shades are Skinny Dip* (base), Aloha* (pink flowers) and Laguna* (blue flowers). The other polishes I used are Pinking Out Loud*, Damson*, Cardamom* and Key Lime. 

To create the design I started with a couple of coats of Skinny Dip*. I then used a striping brush and nail art pen to add on a simple aztec style design. Once this was all dry I added florals over the top. Unfortunately I managed to place these pretty badly so they cover most of the aztec design - oops! To mix it up a bit I decided to fill one nail completely with florals. I've done this before and regretted it and now I remember why. With the whole nail filled you lose the floral prettiness. In future I would cover most of the nail with floral clusters, but leave gaps between them so it doesn't all blend together.
The Coconut Infusion collection is gorgeous and the new formula is absolutely fab. It's so silky smooth!! It did chip a little on me but that's because I'm a menace with nail varnish. I'm so used to changing it all the time that I don't take care of what's on my nails at all - not something a nail blogger should really admit!

You might see this design again over summer - I'll need to think of some new ways to mix it up a bit. Any ideas??

Jo x


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