Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Itsy Nails London

A significant while ago we received a package of gorgeous polishes from the lovely folk over at Itsy Nails London. Itsy Nails' DuraPro Gel effect formula creates 'an ultra shiny, glossy, gel effect finish'. This normal polish claims to provide the look of a gel mani without all the curing and soaking off hassle. We're always happy to test out new polishes, but especially new British brands, read on for our review.


First up is a dusty creme pink called Bohemian Gypsy*. It's a stunning shade and especially beautiful for spring time when we're just starting to ease some colour back into our wardrobe. The polish formula is exceptionally smooth and glides on with ease. The wide brush made it super quick to apply and even without top coat you're left with a perfect glossy finish. This swatch is two coats, usually with this type of colour I have to opt for three, but the colour density is great!

In Deep* is a brilliant sky blue shade, not one I'd usually gravitate towards but it's the stand out favourite of today's bunch. Maybe that's exactly why, because it stands out. We've seen a lot of similar dusty shades this spring but In Deep* just pops! Again the formula is outstanding and the colour density is crazy. I actually found myself comparing my nails to the sky as we finally had some sunshine, this polish just glows in the sunlight! I'm totally in love...

My second favourite is Cosmic Dust*, possibly for the opposite reasons to the last polish. This one is a lovely muted navy blue with grey tones. Perfect for the office! I know you're not really meant to team navy and black but there's something about navy nails with that smart black dress - it's not like I can wear black nails to work! Once again the coverage was spot on and the finish smooth and glossy, another two coater with no top coat for the swatch. 

Lastly we have Drop Red Gorgeous*, although I'd say it was more of a coral. Of course in my photos it just looks orange as my camera seems to hate picking up shades of red! I wasn't so keen on this one purely because it's not my kind of shade but I was amazed at how stunning the colour density was (yes, I know, again!) If you have lovely long nails and can get away with reds then this is perfect for you, it's a beautiful warm shade that isn't (I promise) orange but also isn't pure red. Being a red it was slightly more translucent than the others - does anyone know why all reds seem to be translucent? I'd probably go for three coats of this if I was keeping it on as you can see my nails a little through the polish.

All in all I was very impressed with Itsy Nails. The colours are beautiful and the formulas are outstanding with, on the whole, incredible colour density. We were lucky to be gifted these polishes but I was stunned to find out that they're only £5.99 each. I know that's more expensive than the polishes we normally feature but the formula feels much more pricey!

You can buy these polishes online at and it's free delivery if you spend over £10!

Jo x

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