Monday, 7 March 2016

Evil Eye

I'm not sure why this design idea popped into my head. I think Emma has done an evil eye design in the past, and this could be an exact replica, but I just got a feeling so went with it! We could all use a little extra help warding off bad spirits so why not adorn our nails hey?

The traditional 'evil eye' design is super simple as it's just a series of dots inside each other. I started with a mint green based because I'm completely obsessed at the moment (as with most of the time to be honest!) The polish I used is Road Rage* by Barry M. I then used a series of Barry M shades starting with a big dot and gradually getting smaller. The polishes, in order of largest to smallest are; Damson*, Matt White, Blueberry Ice Cream and finally Espresso*. I must admit as the dots were getting smaller I was worried I wouldn't fit them all in. Also the layers of polish were building up so this was almost a 3D design by the time I'd finished!
I'm so glad I had this idea, it's so simple but I am absolutely in love with it. It's very summery so perhaps not exactly perfect for this time of year but when has that ever stopped us before?! I'm thinking of rocking this again for my summer hols this year, maybe on a bright white background to help give me some illusion of a tan...

What do you think? Is this one you'll be giving a go?

Jo x

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