Saturday, 6 February 2016

Monochrome & Mustard

monochrome nail art
Happy Saturday everyone!! This week has been nuts as I was out in Amsterdam with work for two days, so again, sorry we've been a bit low on posts. Emma is in Mexico for 10 days so it will just be me for a little while again, please bear with me. If you have any design ideas or things you've been wanting us to try please email us to let me know, any inspiration will be well received and appreciated!

I was doing a bit of Instagram browsing this morning, looking for some inspiration. A post from @nananailsx caught my eye. Anna had posted a photo of a mani half way through creation, the finished article was gorgeous but I was particularly in love with the unfinished version. As you have probably guessed I love a monochrome mani with a splash of colour, especially during winter. I decided to create my own version of Anna's design.

monochrome nail art
I started with a base of Barry M - Matt White and then tried adding stripes using tape. However, I got frustrated with it and gave up, switching to a striping brush instead. That's why my index finger nail looks a bit different to the others. I was using Barry M - Espresso* which is a matte polish and therefore slightly thicker than standard gloss polish and it was not working well with the tape. I really need to get myself a new black polish! Once the stripey base was dry I used a small brush to add yellow triangles with Rimmel - Bee A Honey*. I had to do a couple of coats as you could see the stripes through the polish. In hindsight I should have painted on a white base for the triangles first to avoid this issue.
monochrome nail art
I am completely in love with this design. It took a little while due to the drying time required but each step was simple and easy to do. Now I'm looking at the photos I'm wondering if I should have gone brighter with the colours and mixed them up a bit, maybe neons or Models Own festival collection? I can't help trying to bring brights into my winter manis!! Dark colours just don't lend themselves well to nail art as I find the designs get lost - would appreciate any ideas here though because I'm sure there are some talented artists out there who have got dark nail art down!

Thank you Anna for the inspiration for this design!

Jo x


  1. I really like the combination! Great design! If I would recreate them, I probably would use turquoise, pink and purple though. It reminds me of something from my childhood, but I can't remember what it was - a shirt or pencil case comes to mind but I can't picture it, only the colours.

  2. This is really pretty. Maybe you could use Blue Skies from the models own festival collection? I think that would work well x


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