Monday, 8 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Year!

chinese new year nail art

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I coincidentally celebrated last night but going out for a lovely Chinese meal with my family, although our reason for the get together was three birthdays in the past 10 days! Anyway, I thought I would continue the new year celebrations on my nails today and share the love with all of you.

chinese new year nail art
The message is supposed to say 'Happy Chinese New Year' however, I'm not sure I fully trust google translate! I did cross reference on a couple of different mediums so hopefully it's almost there. However, that being said, my interpretation of Mandarin font is of the very loose variety. I apologise if this doesn't actually say what I intend it to!

Rather aptly, the red base is OPI - Red My Fortune Cookie*, my favourite bright red. I used red as a base as it's considered a lucky colour in China so hopefully it will bring luck for the coming year. I topped the base with Barry M's red glitter. I used my thinnest brush to paint on the lettering in black. 
chinese new year nail art
chinese new year nail art
I've not tried any Chinese symbols before and had great fun putting this design together. It was really interesting to learn a little more about another culture. If you can read Mandarin please do let me know if I've got this completely wrong!

Jo x

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