Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Stars In Our Eyes

galaxy nailart
I'm not sure why but I just had the urge for a galaxy mani today. It's one that we churn out every so often but are always fun to do, and no two are ever the same. Emma seems to manage to make hers look really individual each time where mine end up a bit samey whatever colours I use, not sure how that works?! I was intending to make this one stand out by doing something a bit different, like bringing some negative space into it, or adding a drippy outline, but once I'd done the base I liked them too much to mess with! 

galaxy nailart
As I was building up the design with sponges I was growing more and more despondent, they just weren't turning out as I'd hoped.I gave up with the sponging and moved to adding stars. I started on the little nail just using a nail art pen which was way too thick, luckily I realised and switched to a brush for the rest. Things were starting to look up! I then found a Nails Inc polish which was made for galaxy manis, Trafalgar Crescent, it's even part of their Galaxy collection. I added a super thin layer of this roughly over each nail and topped it all with Seche, then proceeded to fall in love with them. 
galaxy nailart
The other polishes I used are all from Barry M - Espresso*, Cancun*, Road Rage* and Grapefruit.

Once I took the photos the disappointment crept back in a little (woah this one is turning into an emotional rollercoaster!) I'd gone a tad overboard with the glitter polish and with the glare from the daylight the design just looked a little too busy, I promise it looked better in real life! I think next time I could use the glitter before adding the sponging detail so it would stand out a bit more. 

Every time I try a galaxy design I love them a little bit more, is it possible to get addicted to a nail design!?

Jo x

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  1. Great colours - I think the pink is particularly effective as that 'little bit extra'!


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