Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Feliz año nuevo

south american nailart
This year for NYE my friends hosted a dinner party. Not being ones to do anything by halves this included a theme, five courses, full decorations and entertainment! The theme was loosely South American and a nod to the theme was expected in our attire. Obviously I decided to decorate my nails accordingly! Now we sometimes get 'told off' online for appropriating culture by using these styles, so in the interest of full disclosure I googled 'South American patterns' and based this design loosely on the image results. 

south american nailart
south american nailart
I created this design over my Red Carpet Manicure gel base of Good As Gold* which you saw a couple of days ago for our new year mani. It was really easy to draw the new year design onto the gel base, but after I removed it with acetone free polish remover something changed and the nail art pen was a nightmare. I think it had something to do with the cleaned up surface but the polish just kept going funny and it took me forever to create this, and also explains why some of the lines aren't very crisp (no it's not just an excuse!)

The design was drawn on with a black Barry M nail art pen and then I filled in various segments with a couple of different colours. Bikini*, Greenberry and Matt White, all from Barry M too. I wanted to add some colour but didn't want to go too bright as the gold was already quite jazzy, also they matched my outfit, obvs. I saw outfit, they matched the trim on the giant sombrero I was wearing!
south american nailart
I totally winged it with this design, just using an image to pick out different patterns from. Usually when I do that it goes tits up but this one all came together pretty well, I impressed myself. The design got quite a lot of notice over the next couple of days as I was too in love with it to take it off.

Unfortunately I couldn't recreate these patterns on my Cinderella hand so had to make do with a sort of dotty chevron on that side. Although I got bored of that and ended up with a leopard print thumb nail. All in all this mani was a bit all over the place but I loved it. Back to boring old nude for work again now booo

Jo x


  1. These are beautiful, I love these colors together!

  2. The Mani looks fab and I love the colours the go great together xx


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