Monday, 18 January 2016


slytherin nail art
We grew up firmly in the Harry Potter generation so last week's news of Alan Rickman's passing hit us hard in the feels. I remember being read the first chapter of The Philosopher's Stone sitting on the in a year 6 classroom, aged about 10, and the books came with me all the way through my school years. I was a particular fan of Alan Rickman as we actually attended the same school. One year while I was there he even took part in the school play, he played the part of the ghost of Christmas future in A Christmas Carol, performing via pre-recorded video clips! 

slytherin nail art
It was a week of shocks what with the news of David Bowie's death coming only a few days prior, and I'm sure you saw that we reposted an old design onto Instagram in his honour. I've included it again below, apologies for the awful state of my nails, this was back in our early days! Although, they're actually pretty dreadful at the moment. All the cold weather, going back to work and peeling off a few too many gel manis (seriously do not do this!) has taken a massive toll on them, they're just falling apart. 
bowie nail artAs I'd already created a Bowie-inspired mani previously, I thought that I would mark the end of this week with a Slytherin design. It took me absolutely forever to recreate the Slytherin logo and perhaps it was a little too ambitious for my artistic skill. I should have simplified the design, I tried to put too much detail into too small a space so it looked half decent up close but when you take a step back it's all too small to decipher! I can't believe I actually attempted to write Slytherin in the yellow banner, if you look really close and use a touch of imagination you can just about see it! By the time I was finished with the accent nail I couldn't manage anything interesting on the others. Oops! 
slytherin nail art
I used a ton of colours for this design. From Barry M there are - Chai*, Cardamom* and Blood Orange. From Rimmel I used - Little Bo Peep, Your Majesty* and Bee A Honey*. 

Let's hope for a slightly brighter end to January, without the loss of any more of our British greats.

Jo x

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