Sunday, 27 December 2015

Winter on our Nails

winter nail art
I don't know about where you live, but it certainly doesn't feel like winter has arrived in London yet. Every day is just grey and drizzly (more than usual) and temperatures are in the mid-teens. I love cold weather around Christmas time, it just feels right. Hot drinks to warm up your hands after a walk on a crisp morning when the grass is still all frosty. Sodden and muddy with frizzball hair doesn't quite hold the same magic! If I can't have frost and snowflakes outside I'll just have to make do with my nails instead.
winter nail art
I have an old silver polish, Ciate - Fit For A Queen, which seems to come out once a year around this time. It's my favourite silver by far. Great coverage and super sparkly - perfect! Today I've teamed it with Mavala - Blue Mint* which has recently become my favourite pastel blue. It's such a lovely shade and has the very slightest hint of glean to it which makes it stand out. Perfect for a cool frosty mani!

I added the snowflakes using a white polish and very thin striping brush. I'm pretty useless at snowflakes but these didn't turn out too bad. I definitely get straighter lines when I use a striping brush rather than attempting them freehand with a nail art pen. I can also still use my hand the next day too! I added a couple of dots to the base of each of the silver nails to try to link the design a little. I wish I hadn't, you can barely see them and they look accidental more than anything else!
winter nail art
At least when I go out this winter without needing a coat I can pretend it's a bit cooler with nails like these! People may think I'm a little nuts but I'm good with that. 

Come on January, we're counting on you for some cold. My jumpers are feeling neglected.

Jo x

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