Friday, 4 December 2015

It's Party Time

It's officially Christmas party season. Mine is next week but my Facebook feed is already full of people having well deserved celebrations with their colleagues. The Christmas party is the perfect excuse to get your glad rags on and finish off the outfit with some snazzy nails. Today we've got a really easy mani that's perfect for this time of year and anyone can do it!
We've used a gorgeous deep berry shade for ours but you can use any colour to match your outfit. If you're going for a little black dress why not add some flair with bright nails! Both of the polishes we used are from Barry M - Sprint Finish* is the base and we used Gold Foil Effects for the dots. I absolutely love a gold dotticure as they're so easy to do but look awesome, and last longer than studs!
To recreate this look just apply two coats of your favourite base colour and leave to dry. Then dab a bit of your gold polish (or any other colour you fancy) onto a piece of foil. If you have a dotting tool use this but alternatively you can use a hair slide or toothpick. Dip your dotting implement into the polish and gently apply to the nail, you should get a couple of dots per dip. The more polish you have on the tip the larger the dot will be - for consistent dot sizing make sure not to overload it or it will go splodgy (I did this a bit on these, oops!) Finally, top it all off with some gloss or matte topcoat and you're good to go. We use Seche Vite for super shiny and long lasting nails!
I tried to create a little video of this as I'm well jel of all the cool nail art videos on Instagram. It didn't turn out too well, I've got lots of learn! However, I posted it on Instagram anyway so have a look to see how I carried out the steps.

Hope you're all enjoying the party season!

Jo x

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