Tuesday, 29 December 2015

I'm (Not) A Rockstar


Before I start I'm going to put it out there that I feel this one was a bit of a nail fail. It just didn't come together quite as I'd hoped, sometimes what it looks like in your head just doesn't transition well onto your nails. I wanted to share anyway as the polish is pretty and the design would be ok with better execution.

My biggest bugbear is the accent nail. Why are the chevrons not straight? It doesn't make sense, I used vinyls, evenly spaced. It must be something to do with the curvature of my nail but when I peeled away the stencils the chevrons appeared fatter in the middle, towards the point, and thinner at each edge. Grr! The polish was much thinner than I remember which meant I had to layer up a bit, never good for stenciling. Ideally you want a thin polish with excellent colour density/coverage so you only need one thin coat before you can whip of the stencils really quickly. A glitter topper, however pretty, does not match that description!

The glitter polish is Rockstar* by Barry M and I love it. I saw a post on their social media (I can't remember which outlet) reminding their fans to use the Glitterati polishes this party season and I knew I had to dig this one out. It looks like space! A black base with holographic glitter pieces, amazing, Over a white base I realised how little colour density there is so I would advise using this over a grey or black base if you're painting your whole nail. Otherwise you'll have to do at least three coats and it will never dry!
I do like the combination of Rockstar* and the white (Barry M - Matt White) it really makes the glitter polish pop. I'm not a huge fan of dark nails so combining the dark shade with a white base makes it much more wearable for me. The simple nails turned out pretty well, maybe next time I should just ditch the accent!

Jo x

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  1. I love it your Mani looks great love the glitter effect of the polish too :0)


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