Saturday, 19 December 2015

Holly Accent

holly nail art
There are a few more photos than normal for you today, not because I'm in love with this design, but because I was having way too much fun taking shots in front of the Christmas tree!! This simple holly mani was inspired by Emma but unfortunately I think I went too simple. I was going to add some more to it and decided against it. In hindsight I should have as they look a bit dull! Anyway, here's an idea for you if you want to give a little nod to the festive season but not go all out 'Christmas threw up on my hands'...

holly nail art
Despite calling the nude base dull I do think the colour is absolutely gorgeous. It's Do It Like A Nude* from Barry M's Sunset range and I have a love hate relationship with it. You need three coats (at least) so it's a pain to apply but once it's on I'm in love. 

I drew the holly shape on with a black nail art pen and then filled it in with the coloured polishes. The green is Barry M - Cardamom* and the red berries are Blood Orange. When I use this technique I tend to fill the shape in with a white nail are pen before adding the colours just to ensure the colours really pop. I messed up one of the berries which really irritates me when I look at the close up shots grrr. I should have made them bigger and easier to fill in. 
holly nail art
holly nail art
As I'm writing the post I'm feeling bad for what I said at the start. I think it's just that we've been creating such bright and glittery manis recently that this one seems a bit plain. I forget sometimes that less can be more. I've won myself over! This mani would be fun for the last few days in the office next week, just so you don't forget what's coming up (as if you could!?)

Jo x

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