Thursday, 10 December 2015

Candyfloss Candy Canes

candy cane nail art
The tree went up at our house yesterday so it's officially Christmas and I'm majorly excited. I'm off work at the moment so I've really been able to get in the festive spirit. Usually I'm stuck in the office until Christmas eve so it's hard to get into the swing of things. I'm so in the spirit that I actually decorated two Christmas trees yesterday - mine and my parents! My parents' looks like a three year old decorated it, but thankfully they decided this year to finally get new fairy lights (the previous ones are considerably older than me!) Ours is the opposite, all colour coded and 'sophisticated' but someone (me) might have gone a bit overboard so we've got lots of tree and not enough baubles... oops!

candy cane nail art
Anyway, lost track a little bit, this design is inspired 100% by Christmas, despite not actually turning out too 'Christmassy'. I've been looking for candy canes recently but all I can find are pink ones! What's happened to all the red and white stripes?! The pink ones do look pretty cute though so I thought I'd try out the fairly abundant candy cane nails but with a girly twist.

I knew I had the perfect polish which would give a lovely sugary finish - Candyfloss Cutie* from Rimmel's Sweetie Crush collection. I must admit I didn't think I'd use this polish again but it's bang on for a design like this! 
candy cane nail art
I started with a white base (just Matt White from Barry M) and applied a layer of Seche to speed up the drying process. Once I was confident that it was dry enough I applied some striping tape across each nail. I decided not to attempt an identical pattern on each nail and just mixed it up as I went. Finally I coated each nail with Candyfloss Cutie and carefully removed the tape. I often struggle getting tape manis neat but this textured polish worked amazingly well. I also think that the textured finish looks awesome as it really highlights the definition between the stripes.
candy cane nail art
The sun is such a rarity at the moment I'm having to sneak in nail sessions whenever I see a spot of blue sky. I find natural light so much nicer for photos and mine have been absolutely pants recently. Hopefully this new tactic will help! It's great being off work so I can catch up on blogging a bit, but somehow I'm busier while I'm off than I usually am. This week I've been babysitting, go karting, Christmas tree shopping and all sorts!

Jo x

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