Wednesday, 9 December 2015

3D Winter Sweater Nails

I'm not gonna lie guys these nails may look good but they are a frickin' nightmare to create. I've seen the sweater nail art fad grow and grow over social media and really wanted to give it a go but I foolishly decided to use normal polish, not gel. Big mistake. Huge. It took bloody ages! While the results were kind of worth it had I wanted to keep them on this would've taken about five hours, if not more, to dry completely and let me get on with my life. 

First step for this mani was choosing the colours and how many nails I wanted to be sweater-fied. I went for Chanel's Khaki Vert and Barry M's Coconut* and chose to do the design on two nails. Originally I went for one but thought it'd look better on two. I stick by this but boy do I wish I stuck to one! I thought this look would be a lot less time consuming than it turned out to be. I have since found out that most people create the look with 3D gel. I don't own 3D gel. Shucks.

I used normal polish and waited for each layer to pretty much dry before adding the next. Weird things happened at first like all of the polish kind of melting into one and the design getting lost. After about five layers I added a matte top coat which ruined everything and took me back to square one. Then after about five more layers I ended up with this and decided I couldn't go on any longer. I'm lucky that my camera picked up the pattern as it didn't really seem as defined as this in real life. 
I really love how this looks but can honestly say that it's the most impractical design I've done in a while. I get why everyone is raving about it on social media but if you want to give it a go I recommend looking up the best ways to do it. I kind of winged it and spent a good 1-2 hours trying to create something reasonable. 

Have you tried this look? How did you do it? Please let me know in the comments below. 

Emma x 


  1. Very impressive! Even more so that you managed this with 'normal' polish!! Well done, I salute you. Lol. I love the colours you chose too! :) x

  2. This is amazing! I didn't even know you could do this with nrmal polish...


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