Thursday, 19 November 2015

OPI Hello Kitty 2016 Swatches & Review

I think OPI are trying to kill me with excitement. When I heard that they were doing a Hello Kitty collaboration I screamed a little bit. When it dropped on my doormat I was beside myself! Look how cute the bottles are! Hello Kitty is my spirit animal! I really don't understand the fascination with the little icon but I know that I love her. 
Look At My Bow!*
This cutesy bubblegum shade is a real girly one that I am sure will divide opinion. To be honest it's not the sort of pink I usually go for but something in me changed as I applied it to my nails - I became super smiley and felt like a Barbie. I secretly enjoyed it! The tone actually works quite well with my skin as well which helped. This applied beautifully and was opaque in two coats. This is two coats with no top coat. Can we take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of the Hello Kitty lid?

Charmmy & Sugar*
This pink glitter applied OK but it took three coats to get it opaque (ish). As you can see on my thumb, it still appears a bit sheer in places (this could've been my application). The base is a shimmery pink and the glitter flecks are blue, pink, and silver. Really cute for younger audiences but not my thing at all I'm afraid. 

Let's Be Friends*
On first look at the collection I didn't think too much of this shade as it looks quite white in the bottle and a bit meh. However, it is actually my favourite shade. It applied beautifully and evenly - this is two coats with no top coat. It is a very pale pink shade that I think is lovely for this time of year. 

Spoken From The Heart*
I thought that this was going to be my favourite shade from the range but it didn't look great with my skin tone. I do, however, think this will be great for next summer when I have more of a tan. The application of this polish was more like a gelly. You can see in my pic that the nail line is still visible and this is three coats. 

5 Apples Tall*
Best name award! Seriously Hello Kitty is the absolute cutest! Anyway, this is a scarlet red which we all know by now OPI does so well. This isn't a particularly stand-out shade but it is a very nice red. Application is beautiful, back to the creme finish.

Super Cute Pink*
The name might say pink but this verges on purple for me. It's a very deep pink, more of a fuschia I guess. The application was lovely (I feel like I repeat myself with OPI applications - they have their cremes down). This is two coats with no top coat. It's a cute colour but one that I will probably save for summer as, like Spoken From The Heart*, it doesn't really suite me all that well. Aah pasty problems!

These six shades are the core colours from the collection that will be available in stores. There are a further six salon exclusives which are more like the Hello Kitty I think of : blue, yellow, white. All shades will retail at £12.50 and will be available in January. 

Are you Hello Kitty fans? What do you think of the collection?

Emma x

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