Thursday, 5 November 2015

Mixed Animal Print Mani

animal print nail art

This is one of my favourite designs for a while, I've lot my mojo a bit recently. I didn't 100% know where I was going with this but just hoped for the best. Amazingly it turned out way better than expected and I'm really pleased with it! The best thing is, it was super easy. 

animal print nail art
The design was inspired by one of our earliest inspirations Boom Nails, although this actually came from her non-nails website Boom Things. I spotted a phone case on Instagram with mixed animal print over a bluey-green fade. Somehow I managed to leave the green out of my design but I'm glad I did as I probably would have messed it up trying to over-complicate it. 

The two blues are both Barry M - Eat My Dust* and Bikini*. I started with a base of Bikini* and just sponged on random splodges of Eat My Dust*. It looked pretty rubbish before the pattern was added, but I had faith. I just used a nail art pen for the detailing, a mix of zebra print, leopard print and some dots (maybe from a cheetah?). It was starting to come together, but didn't really pop until I added topcoat. I often find that a mani doesn't do much for me until I add topcoat, it just gels everything together, especially where gradients or fades are involved!
animal print nail art
I don't wear blue polish enough. I had pale blue shellac for my holibobs earlier this year and since then I've been loving it. I'm so glad Emma included a blue in her autumn favourites yesterday!

Jo x

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