Monday, 16 November 2015

Lipstick Print for Beauty At Tesco

We've teamed up with the lovely folk at Beauty At Tesco again for today's look. The theme this week was lipstick print and I really wanted to try a cutesy style. It kind of worked but my black nail art pen gave me a headache again for being too thick. I need to find a finer one - any suggestions? Originally I was going for a 80s look but it didn't quite turn out like that! I still kind of like it though. 

I used a heap of Barry Ms for this including: Do You Pink I'm Sexy?*, Plum On Baby*, and Sprint Finish*.Watch this space for a mani using these colours again as I took some snaps before the lipsticks went on. 

Beauty at Tesco will be sharing more photos of this design today so keep an eye out! Make sure to follow them on InstagramPinterest, and Twitter, or visit their blog here.

Emma x


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