Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Emma's Top Five Polishes For Autumn 2015

My autumn pallette is a bit chilly this year. I often tend to go for really warm autumn shades but clearly I'm feeling a bit frostier this year! I tried to select a mixture of work and non-work shades.

From left to right my choices for this autumn are:

Pique Side, Sally Hansen
I adore this shade for all year (you know me and my mint greens!). It reminds me a bit of Chanel's Jade - which I am still trying to get my hands on by the way - but it's far less pigmented. I think it's a really pretty mint for autumn as it has little specks of glitter which reflect beautifully in the sunshine.

Venus*, Rimmel
This shade is from one of Rimmel's AW14 collections but I am still loving it this year. I tend to switch to a deeper red in autumn for work and this one is one of my faves. 

Black Currant*, Barry M
I love dark polishes for this time of year. They transport me back to my slightly gothy teen years. Grown-up goth I suppose! Barry M's Midnight Gelly range really appeals to me and this one, which is one of the darkest, is my favourite. It looks very black in this picture but it does have a slight purple tint which softens it slightly.

White*, Mavala
We're big fans of Mavala polishes here at Dahlia Nails. They may be small but they pack a punch with super-pigmented shades and flawless application. On the flip side of wearing really dark shades I do stray towards white, Tipex style nails as well. I think I like white nails so much because I wear a lot of darker clothes at this time of year. 

Give Me Space*, OPI
I was so excited when OPIs Starlight collection landed on my doormat. This shade is one of my favourites which is strange as I don't tend to veer towards glitter polishes. I'm not sure why but blue glitters have a space in my heart like no other. They make me feel all 70s disco! Application is as you would imagine from OPI - perfect as always!

A bit of a strange and cold mix this year but I love them all. What are your favourites at the moment?

Emma x

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