Friday, 23 October 2015

MICRO Nail Elegance Buffing Tool Review

The team at MICRO Nail sent us their Elegance device a long time ago, I have been pathetically slow at getting round to writing up this review - sorry! The MICRO Nails Elegance* is an electronic buffing tool which promises to smooth and shine you nails in seconds. I have super ridged nails so was interested to see if it would work for me.
The Elegance* comes with two types of rollers, one slightly coarser than the other. Starting with clean dry nails you just attached the coarser buffer first, turn on the device and lightly brush it over each nail. The rollers rotate 2100 times per minute so it only takes a couple of seconds per nail. You're not supposed to keep them on too long but I did extend the time a little as my nails were so ridged. I won't need to do this so much next time round. I shouldn't have done it this time to be honest as my nails were so thin already!

I then cleaned and dried my nails again, and switched over to the smoother roller. This is the buffer one and what makes them shiny! Again, you only need to apply the buffer a second on each nail, I was amazed at how quick it was. I thought it would be way more of a faff. 
The trio of photos above show my nails before, during and after. You can see by the middle photo how well the first roller smoothed out the ridges. The last picture shows the finished result - super shiny! They stayed this shiny for ages too, I kept thinking I had a clear coat of polish on!

I'm usually way too lazy to buff my nails, even thought I know it would make a difference to how my mani's turn out. It was amazing how smoothly polish applied to my buffed up nails. Using this tool it was so quick and easy I might actually do it more often - if I remember...

The box comes with a couple of spare rollers which is good as I kept catching the edge of my nail and scratching the smooth roller oops! The only annoying thing is that the box is quite large and I have very little storage room in my tiny flat. If it could come in a neater, smaller, package that would be great. I feel it's inevitable that I'm going to lose at least one of more of the rollers!

If you're a buffing fan but fed up of the time and effort it takes, I'd say this is worth the investment. At £29.99 it's not the cheapest nail tool but you'll get a lot of use out of it. Say yes to smooth and shiny nails! 

Jo x

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