Friday, 16 October 2015

HJ Manicure Swatches

I must admit that I hadn't heard of HJ Manicure before they contacted us about doing some swatches for them. Now I can confirm that I'm very glad I came across them. We try so many polishes that are a disappointment so we rarely get our hopes up. These three were a lovely surprise!

Above and below is Coco*, a dark nude polish which is absolutely spot on for this time of year. I have fairly dark skin around my nails so it works really well with my skin tone, if you're paler it would be less of a nude polish but still super pretty. The formula is gorgeous, really smooth and totally opaque in two coats, there were no patches or streaks at all! 

Next is Midnight Sky*, a deep shimmery blue. This is not the usual type of shade I go for as I'm not a huge fan of shimmer polishes and tend to stick to pastel blues. However I was surprised how much I liked it. The formula wasn't quite as great as Coco* and I did have to patch up a couple of streaks but the depth of colour once it was on was amazing. It was so bright and the shimmer catches the light beautifully, I was completely mesmerised!

Finally, here's Alpine Green*, another shimmer polish but darker than Midnight Blue*. I was expecting this to be brighter like the last polish but it has a black base and therefore comes out quite dark. Despite the shade the shimmer element means that the colour does push through and again it catches the light beautifully. I decided to take an extra close up shot of this one to show off that gorgeous shimmer. You know what, I might be a convert to shimmer! 

All three of these polishes were super glossy and shiny. The swatches are all two coats with no top coat, and look at that shine!! You can buy HJ Manicure polishes online for £9.50 each. They're a little pricey but we think they're worth it, and the colours on offer are super cute - we've got our eye on Vintage Bronze!

If you want to try any you can get 25% off your first purchase using our offer code: DAHLIA25 (valid until 30th Nov). Make sure you let us know what you think!

Jo x

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