Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Eat My Dots

dotty nailart
Last week I painted my sister's nails for the first time in absolutely ages! Now she has two babies to take care of there's very little time for manicures. We even had to paint her nails in stages whenever we could grab a quiet few minutes! I forgot to take photos but loved the design so much I recreated it for you all to see. 

The base colour is Barry M - Eat My Dust* I absolutely love this colour and use it quite regularly. I especially love teaming it with Barry M - Gold Foil Effects polish, which you may remember seeing before. There's something great about gold dots, they give the effect of studs but without all the fiddly bits. They also last longer (who else finds they lose studs at a rapid rate!?) In the daylight the gold dots catch the light beautifully and look like sequins! 
dotty nailart
This design was SO simple, just two coats of blue polish and then I used a dotting tool for the detailing. If you don't have a dotting tool at home you can just use a toothpick, the head of a pin, or even a hair grip! Just put a blob of polish onto some foil and dip your dotter into it and then gently apply to your nail. Polka dots are so easy and look super cute - give it a go!

Pastel colours are usually associated with summer but this blue has cool undertones so it works really well in autumn and winter too, especially with a bit of gold sparkle!

Jo x

P.S. Sorry for the awful photos, I was having a camera nightmare!

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