Saturday, 10 October 2015

Chicago Marathon Nails!

Chicago Marathon Nailart
This weekend my friend Charlie (The Runner Beans) is running the Chicago marathon! As per our little tradition I put together some marathon nail art for her to hopefully help spur her along! Each marathon mani contains 26.2 which is the number of miles she will be running, a national flag and then something themed to the city. For Chicago Charlie chose the letter C H I and two food based accent nails (donut and pizza) along with two American flags!

Chicago Marathon Nailart
This was the first time I've used glitter pieces as stars in the American flag. It was a bit fiddly as I had to place each one but I love how it turned out, now the stars in the flag really twinkle! Clearly there was no way I was fitting 50-odd on there so Charlie had to make do with 12!
Chicago Marathon Nailart
I used an absolute ton of polishes for this, way too many to mention. We even mixed up a couple of polishes to make our own shade! If you want to know what any of the colours are just leave me a note in the comments and I'll check for you. 

Good luck to anyone running the Chicago marathon this weekend (or doing any other form of running to be honest!) I'll be rooting you on whilst firmly wedged on the couch eating ice cream. Me and exercise are 'on a break'. 

Jo x

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