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18 Fun Halloween Nail Art Ideas

I LOVE Halloween. Every year I can't wait to see all the spooky designs on social media, it's so much fun! I have seen a few nail art wheels this year showcasing loads of great designs. We first did one back in 2013 and found it such a good way to experiment with our Halloween looks. I knew I wanted to do one this year as I wanted to try as many designs as possible but I also knew that I wanted to try them all in a slightly more fun or cartoonish style. So voila! Here are my pastel tinted looks...

Mummy Paint your nail with two coats of pale yellow. When dry, use a black nail art pen to draw a thick band in the middle and bandage shapes above and below. When that's dry use a white nail art pen to draw the eyes. When dry, dot with the black pen.

Mini Pumpkins Paint two coats of pale blue and leave to dry. Use a dotting tool to draw orange spots. Using a small brush paint stalks with a pale green polish. When dry outline with a black nail art pen. Hopefully yours is thinner than mine as this looks a little clunky!

Spider & His Web Use pale green polish as a base. When dry use a black nail art pen to draw the web and little hanging spider. I used a white nail art pen for eyes but you can skip this if you don't have one. 

Drippy Blood Two coats of white polish will be your base here. Using a reddish shade paint on the drips. I just used the brush in the polish but you can use a nail art one if you find it easier. When dry outline the drips with a black nail art pen and draw little lines for a cartoony effect. 

Black Cat Use two coats of lilac for a base. When dry use your black nail art pen to draw and fill the cat shape. Leave two gaps for the eyes and use a small nail art brush and pale yellow polish to paint them. When they are dry get your black nail pen again and draw the lines. 

Pumpkin Paint two coats of orange for your base. When dry use a pale green polish for the top of the pumpkin. When dry use your black nail art pen to outline the green and to draw the pumpkin face (effectively two triangles and a zig-zag).
Cute Ghosts I did these last year so you can read how they were done here

Gravestone I used pink for this base but I think a nice gradient would work well too. When that was dry I used a green polish and a little brush to paint some grass. When dry I used my nail art pen to outline and draw the tombstone. I then used a white nail art pen to draw a moon. 

Fangs This is a design I've seen quite a lot but decided to give it a go as it's iconic. I painted the red base and once dry used by black nail art pen to draw the detail. I drew the semi circles top and bottom and then the teeth. I filled in with the black pen and then used a white one to finish off the teeth. 

Sad Frank I'm going to be posting another design with this little face in a couple of days so am not going to give too much away here! You can probably work it out though you smart bunch!

Eyeball This is another popular Halloween design. I'm not a huge fan to be honest but I see why it's effective. I used a white base and then used a dotting tool to draw a large blue dot in the middle. Using a little brush and red polish I drew the veins and then finished with a black and white dot in the middle. 

Jack Again, I've seen Jack doing the rounds this year. Jo did a great version last year so mine's not quite as impressive but I tried! I used a pastel blue base to switch things up a bit. 
Eyes I used a purple for the base of these cartoon eyes. Once dry I used a white nail art pen to draw several pairs of eyes. When the white was dry I outlined in black, dotted, and then drew some expressive lines.

Dracula I did a Dracula mani last year but wanted to give him another go. This one is based on a tutorial I saw on Pinterest (sorry I don't know the original artist). I used a grey base and then drew all of the black accents on. I then dotted two red spots on for the eyes. Lastly I used my white nail pen for the teeth, hair sheen and eyes.

Boo This is based on a design I did in 2013. I didn't realise at the time but it's a design by the wonderful Sophie at The Illustrated Nail. I used a pink base this time and then used a white nail pen to draw the ghoulie. Then I outlined in black and drew the 'Boo!'

Candy Corn This was easy but I don't really like the result. I don't think it worked well outlined in black. I used a white base and then painted a stripe of orange and a stripe of yellow. When dry I drew the two black stripes. 

Bats I used a grey base for this one and when dry drew on the bats with a black nail art pen. Easiest if you start with a smile shape and then the ridges coming to a point. Two little ears will finish it off. 

Zombie This was my favourite design! How cute is he?! I used a green base and then painted a little pink bit of brain in the corner. I drew the eyes with white and outlined everything in black. To finish I added some white teeth. 

Whew! That turned out a bit lengthier than expected. Hopefully you'll have some new ideas for your Halloween nails now. I used all of Barry Ms Spring Speedy range for this look.

Emma x

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