Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Splatter Nail Art

Splatter nails have beaten me many a time in the past so I'm not sure what inspired me to give them another go, especially as I created this mani in a bit of a rush! I was fulled expecting it to turn out awfully with a horrendous clean up. I was pleasantly surprised.
The polishes I used are all Models Own. The base is Coconut Cream and the splatters are Pink Wellies*, Malibu Pink* and True Blue. I put a blob of each polish out and dipped a straw into them, I then blew through the straw to create the splatter effects. I find this method hit and miss but somehow it worked for me today! It helps to make sure that the end of the straw is full covered in polish, if it's just around the edges the polish won't come out very well or just go super gloopy.

Amazingly the clean up wasn't too bad, just a quick whip round with the polish remover and I was sorted. I love these colours together but perhaps should have just used two shades as from afar they blend together a little and you lose the splatter effect. 

I'm so happy this turned out well, going to try to use it more often, get ready for splatter accents!

Jo x

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