Thursday, 17 September 2015


We were honoured when we were asked to be part of Save The Rhino's #NailIt4Rhinos campaign recently. Rhinos are being poached and killed for their horns which are made of keratin, the same thing our nails are made from. As it's World Rhino Day on 22nd September the charity are encouraging people like us (and you!) to get creative with your nails to show your support!

We were sent a mini Rhino-themed customisation kit to create a design for you today. We were also asked to do a tutorial so have kept the design fairly simple with six easy steps. We used Barry M - Chai*, Rhino decals from YRNails*, a white nail art pen, a small brush and matte topcoat. 
1. Start with clean dry nails and apply your favourite base coat
2. Apply two thin coats of Barry M - Chai* or your choice of grey polish
3. The YRNails decals are transfers so you just need to cut them to size, soak in warm water for 10-30 seconds, pat them dry then slide the design away from the backing and place on your nail. Gently pat it down to remove any wrinkles (don't worry if there are a few step 7 will sort that out!)
4. Repeat step three on as many fingers as you like
5. As the transfers are fairly translucent I highlighted some of the features in white just by filling in the spaces with white polish using a tiny brush
6. Using a white nail art pen add simple dots to your remaining nails to frame the rhinos
7. Finally apply a generous helping of your favourite top coat and admire your work (photo below)
These rhino decals are a super cute and easy way to create a design for the #NailIt4Rhinos campaign. However, you don't need them to get involved, you can create any rhino-inspired mani you like, just share it on social media with the hashtag or email it to for a chance to be featured on their website! Once you're done post it online and nominate five of your friends to give it a go, spread the word!

If you live in the UK and would like to donate to Save The Rhino charity you can give £3 by texting 'NAILS15 £3' to 70070. Alternatively anyone can donate at For more information on the charity you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter, or join their Facebook page.

We nominate all of you to get involved, and we can't wait to see your designs, make sure you tag us!

Jo x

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