Friday, 11 September 2015

Moo Cow

Animal prints and nails seem to go well together, leopard has been a long time fave of ours and I recently whipped out a simple tiger print for my Tigger mani. However, cow print wasn't one I'd tried before. It has hovered around on my to do list for a while but I kept putting it off as I wasn't sure it would work. 

Emma has done cow print before, as part of a True Romance inspired mix and match. Once I saw this I knew it would look cute. I finally got round to trying it for you today! I'm not sure my version is quite as good as Emma's as it's a bit too rounded. It looks almost cartoony. I also fell into the trap of trying to fill all the white space rather than leaving some. Cows are not black with wiggly white lines, they are white with black spots. Oops.

The polishes are Barry M - Cotton* and Mavala - Black*. I just used two coats of white as a base and then painted on the black splodges with a small brush. Not my finest work but it's a fun design that is fairly simple to pull off!
Maybe I'll stick to leopard print in the future... What's your favourite animal print?

Jo x

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