Saturday, 12 September 2015

Mavala Cobalt Blue

My nails do not tend to cope well on holiday and I always end up coming home with little stubs. To try to prevent damage this year I went for a shellac mani before we left. As I soaked it off (bore!) this morning it revealed longer and healthier nails than I've seen for a long while! Bar a few missing corners (collateral holiday damage) they were looking pretty good. Coincidentally a new nail varnish landed on my doorstep this morning so I thought I'd take advantage of my long(ish) nails and swatch it for you!

The polish is Cobalt Blue from Mavala. It's a stunning bold blue and just perfect for brightening things up when the Autumn days start to get shorter! I applied two thin coats and top coat for this swatch. The Mavala formula is lovely and thin so it's easy to apply and dries quickly, but you don't lose any colour density. 

Keep an eye out for this one in future nail art. Now I have to go and sort my life out before the real world starts again, urgh!

Jo x


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