Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cassella Bleu You Away

When the lovely Kira from Cassella contacted us regarding her new nail polish brand we couldn't wait to try it. Having a little look at the website we saw several shades that we couldn't wait to try. The gorgeous Bleu You Away* was my fave from the beginning but Popsicle Bay (a candy orange) and Candyflossin' (a pretty baby pink) were real contenders.

Bleu You Away* is a lovely pale blue. Blue shades are my weakness, I love them all! This one is very pretty, I can't get enough of it. It applies beautifully and coverage builds well. This is three coats. 

All of the polishes from Cassella are five free and not tested on animals. Yay! Having seen some drama unfold on Instagram with polishes that contain all sorts of nasties messing up peoples nails it's nice to have a polish that I am confident contains only EU approved ingredients. 

Thank you Kira for this stunning polish. We can't wait to see what other colours may be added to the range. 

Emma x

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  1. This is such a gorgeous shade of nail polish! I've been loving blue nails recently and this nail art look is no exception. I'll definitely have to check out this brand :) x
    Charlotte's Road


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