Wednesday, 9 September 2015


I'm amazed that we've got nearly two years in without any playing card inspired designs, well, I think we have, it's getting hard to keep track! Today's design was inspired by one nail in an Alice In Wonderland mani by @handjobsbyallison. Allison's design was crazy good and complicated so I thought I'd simplify it a little and put together something of my own.

I'm sure these have been done before, but it was new to me. I was a bit daunted by it as when you're recreating something so recognisable you have to get it spot on. I haven't managed that but they're definitely identifiable so I'm happy enough! And I only had to restart one nail - damn you club. 

The base is the usual, Barry M - Cotton*. I used Mavala - Black to paint on the black aces. It's a tad thin but it's nice to work with as it's not all gloopy like all my other blacks seem to be! The red is O.P.I - Red My Fortune Cookie* which has the traditional awesome O.P.I formula and doesn't go all stringy like reds can do. I used a large dotting tool for the rounded shapes and then added the detailing with a small brush. I haven't managed to get all the symbols the same size, but my nails vary a bit so I had to just ensure they were relatively similar!
I kinda want someone to host a Vegas themed party now so I can crack out this design. It would be ideal!! It's a bit novelty so probably not one for every day (people might start thinking I had a gambling problem) but defo a good bit of fun.

Jo x

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