Monday, 24 August 2015

True Blue Bikini Grids

There's something so satisfying about a deep rich blue teamed with a bright neon yellow. The colour combo caught my eye when I was browsing in Joy last week and I instantly thought of recreating it on my nails. The inspiration for today's design came from a cute little blue bowl with a white grid pattern and bright yellow accent around the lip. 

It was pretty straightforward to recreate this pattern on my nails and as I was doing it I had the feeling that I've done something similar in the past. When you've done as many nail designs as we have you're bound to come back round again eventually! 
I used a base of Models Own - True Blue. Onto this base I added a white grid using a striper brush and the juice from a nail art pen. The nail art pen polish is nice and thin so it doesn't clog the brush and you can get nice thin lines. The pattern I was recreating had quite uneven lines so I wasn't too bothered about neatness, but I did want a slightly finer grid to allow more blue to show through. When painting the grid I also added a white tip to each nail to act as a base for the neon yellow. As I already had a guideline I just used the polish brush to add neon yellow tips using Models Own - Bikini.
I absolutely love how these nails turned out. I haven't been so happy with a design for a long which so I was really pleased! The colours are perfect for summer and include an awesome colour pop without going all out neon. The richness of the blue polish offsets the neon yellow perfectly making it glow even more!

Luckily the day I was wearing these nails was boiling hot and sunny. Unlike today which is dark, grey and rainy. Looks like summer in London is over...

Jo x

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