Friday, 28 August 2015


I am a big fan of the Winnie The Pooh books and story. It's hard to pick a favourite character as they've all got something going for them, but Tigger is definitely one of the best. Tigger is such a cool kid, always happy and full of energy. I don't often attempt to recreate characters as it's really tough to get the likeness right. However, when I saw a simple Tigger design by @Nailsbypurple I had to have a go at my own version.

I found the original on Pinterest so I have no idea how old it is. Hopefully it's not too recent as the original is way better than my version!! Despite that, I'm happy with how mine turned out, it actually looks a bit like Tigger, semi-recognisable at least!
I used an array of polishes for this cute chap, starting with a base of Rimmel - Oragasm*, the perfect Tigger orange! The details were then added with Mavala - Black*, Rimmel - Keep Calm and Kiss* and Barry M - Caramel*. I layered up the different colours, sticking to simple shapes and slowly but surely it came together.
I'm sorry for the crappy photos, with the weather recently I've been struggling so much for decent light so have had to resort to the light box. Using the light box means I have to use a matte top coat to control the glare but I just don't think you get the same quality finish as you do with a gloss. Hopefully you can see through the grey tinge and slightly uneven surfaces to share in our love of this super cute design!!

Jo x


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