Sunday, 30 August 2015

Subtle Spots

This is a recreation of a design I did for my friend Charlie a long time ago. Charlie requested pink spots of top of grey, using an old neon pink nail art pen. I wasn't convinced that the pink would show up against such a dark background but she was insistent. I remained unconvinced until the topcoat went on and everything set together perfectly. The pink didn't stand out very much but looked super cute against the dark grey and we were left with a cute and subtle mani.

I decided to give it another go to see if I could get some better photos. Unfortunately the camera just does not do this design justice. As it's so subtle it's really tough to get an image which is true to life.

I used Barry M - Grey as the base and an old pink nail art pen from Amazon for the spots. This is a super simple design which is great for someone who's not used to wearing nail art. Subtle enough to wear to work but still really cute! One I will continue to recreate I think, but I'll probably stop trying to get a decent photo!

Jo x


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