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OPI Venice 2015 Swatches

Back in June we attended the preview event for OPI's AW15 collection which we blogged about here giving you a sneaky peek at some of the shades. The shades were released on 5th August and if you haven't already picked some up in preparation for the autumn we have swatches of 12 of them for you to look at today. We'll try to keep words to a minimum as this s quite pic heavy. Enjoy!

A Great Opera-tunity*
Although this peachy nude isn't great with my skin tone I really like it. It's different to any shade I have in my collection and makes a nice change for autumn. The formula was typical OPI and applied like a dream. This is three coats but you could probably get away with two.
It's A Piazza Cake*
This is a very autumnal shade that really reminds me of fallen leaves. Unfortunately it really doesn't suit my pinky-toned hands. Again, this applies very nicely. This is three coats plus top coat.
Worth A Pretty Penne*
At the event I got my nails done by the lovely Sophie from the Illustrated Nail and this is the shade I chose. It's such a beautiful shade, a bit of a bronzy-gold with tiny shimmer flecks. The review I got at work was a bit mixed with a lot of people thinking it looked a bit grannyish. I love it though. Apart from when you have to remove it! The fine shimmer goes absolutely everywhere. 
Tiramisu For Two*
I think this is my favourite shade from the collection. It suits me perfectly and is such a classic pale sandy nude. Even if it isn't the perfect nude for you it's such a beautiful shade that it would work, especially with the slight hint of pink. Love this!
Amore At The Grand Canal*
If there's one thing OPI do better than anyone it's a good red creme. Here's another to add to the OPI family and it's a good 'un. I really like deep reds as they look classy for the office. This applied well and stands out to me as a bit different but I'm sure true OPI hoarders will be able to find something similar in their collections. 
Be There In A Prosecco*
Oh now I'm looking at this shade I'm not sure if I prefer it to Tiramisu For Two. Argh decisions! It's a beautiful pale beige. It reminds me a little bit of My Vampire Is Buff (also by OPI) but paler. Jo has already used it for her nail art here and it works great.
O Suzi Mio*
This is a lovely shade of aubergine which I'm sure I will wear a lot come winter time but I don't think it's a stand out shade for me. 
I Cannoli Wear OPI*
This is another of my favourite shades. It's a classic pale grey that really suits my tone. Jo has also used this as a base for some nail art - here. It worked really well with the contrast of the neon shades. I know I'm going to get a lot of use from this colour. 
My Gondola Or Yours*
It's such a shame that my camera didn't pick this shade up very well. It looks very black here when actually it's more of a smoky charcoal infused with a tiny hint of shimmer. I have seen mixed reviews but I think it's very pretty and will definitely wear it as a softer alternative to black come autumn/winter. The formula is watery but I have other OPI shades that are similar and they all build very nicely to opaque in three thin coats. 
Gimme A Lido Kiss*
This is a brighter, shimmery red for the collection. I see what it brings to the collection but it's not really my thing. I like the red but in general I don't tend to go for this sort of finish. I imagine it'd be popular for the party season as it'd look stunning with a little gold party dress. Maybe I've changed my mind!
Baroque...But Still Shopping*
This is the shade that I was most excited about at the press event as it was unlike anything I'd seen before but I'm not sure how much I like it on my nails. I love the pale gold colour but the flecks of glitter give a bit too much texture for my liking. Very pretty though. 
St Marks The Spot*
Having said I'm not into this sort of finish earlier in this post I do actually quite like this one. There's something about this shade of blue that reminds me of 70s disco glam. This looked better in the flesh, the photo has made it look a tad lighter than it is. 

All of these polishes were applied with three coats and finished with a top coat. They all applied well - I never cease to be amazed at the quality of OPI polishes and fully understand the higher price tag as they last well too. 

I really wish that we had had the chance to swatch the other three shades for you: Gelato On My Minds, Purple Palazzo Pants, and Venice The Party? The two pastel shades in particular look like just my sort of thing. I'll just have to hot foot it to a supplier to buy them, 

Which shades are your faves and which ones could you do without?

Emma x

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  1. I'm in love with Tiramisu for Two! Thanks for swatches.


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