Thursday, 20 August 2015

Mini Matryoshka

When I was little my dad visited Russia and brought me back a set of Russian nesting (or Matryoshka) dolls. He also brought me back a porcelain mask dish which now houses some of my rings. I blame these two things on my long-standing love affair with Russia. Politics aside I find the place absolutely fascinating and it is one of my lifelong dreams to ride the Trans Siberian Express from Moscow to Beijing.

Today's mani is inspired in particular by this cute necklace that was given to me one Christmas by my cousin. It was purchased in Accessorize I believe but is fairly old so don't think you'll be able to buy it any more. I still adore wearing it as the little figurine is so cute. Trying to draw her little face on my nails was a nightmare though! It's a lot of detail to get into a tiny space.  I ended up outlining the design with a white nail art pen and then using a tiny brush to fill in the different sections. I used the same nude shade as the other nails as this was the shade for her face: OPI's Tiramisu For Two*. I used a range of other OPI polishes to fill the other parts including The Berry Thought Of You* and My Car Has Navy-Gation* for her little outfit.  
I'm not 100% happy with how this mani turned out as I left myself very little room for her face. The black nail pen I used wasn't fine enough to draw the eyes either so it looks a bit messy. She's still quite cute though!

Emma x

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