Monday, 17 August 2015

Little Ondine Peelable Nail Polish

A few weeks ago we received an email from Little Ondine, a new unique nail brand currently launching in the UK. The polish is branded as 'peelable (no remover needed), odourless, dries super fast and is made of natural ingredients (based on water, resin and colourants) which makes it toxin free (5 free) and completely healthy for your nails'. We were very intrigued so agreed to test it out and review for you. 
I was initially impressed by the cute packaging that the polishes arrived in. I was worried as there didn't seem to be any instructions in the bag but when I unwrapped the polish box there was a ton of info included inside, both printed on the box and an inserted leaflet. The instructions turned out to be pretty simple - apply 2 to 3 coats to clear bare nails and tidy up any excess around the edges before it dries. I think I can manage that. 

We were sent two polishes to try out Smack* (yellow) and Swoosh* (blue). Firstly I'll talk about the colours, they are insanely bright! Honestly I feel like I need to book some festival tickets to give me an excuse to wear them, Smack* is like highlighter on your nails. Amazing. The formula of this polish is strange as it's water and resin based making it quite rubbery. I found that the colour density was good but dried a little translucent so you need three coats (at least). Both colours dry semi-matte, but you can add topcoat (more about that later).
Little Ondine is marketed as odour free and I was surprised to find that it actually was (often things aren't quite as great as advertised). It was really refreshing to not gas out the whole room when painting my nails for once! It also claims to be fast drying, which I'm less sure on. It seemed to take longer than average to dry and I had to wait a fair while between coats. You need three coats so it was a bit of a pain. It does seem to dry evenly the whole way through though, rather than traditional polish which is dry on top but still all squishy underneath. So with that in mind maybe the total drying time is no longer than regular polish. 
Moving on to the exciting part - peeling it off! I had to force myself to wait until the polish was completely dry before testing out the feature I was most interested in. The packaging recommends peeling from the side of your nail so that's where I started. It was a bit fiddly to get the edge up but once I did most of the colour peeled away really easily and, importantly, didn't take any of my nail with it! There were remnants left around the edges which were a bit annoying to pick off, but overall the concept does work. It wasn't any faster than removing normal polish, but doesn't require applying any chemicals to your hands and nails which is good. 

I was dubious of the durability of this polish due to the peelable nature, but did a road test of them and they lasted well. Little Ondine do a specific topcoat but I wanted to test it with our regular one so applied a coat of Seche. The colours looked even brighter with the gloss topcoat and it didn't seem to impact the peeling element either (actually it maybe even made it easier to peel off!)

When I first read about this polish I thought that it sounded gimmicky, but I have to admit that I've been pleasantly surprised. If you're not keen on applying chemicals to your hands and nails but would like to wear polish this is perfect, all natural ingredients and no need for acetone! 

Little Ondine is available in 86 colours (including peelable glitters - oh yes!) and you can buy it online at Use code 'TRYME' to get £5 off your first order. 

Jo x


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