Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Life Gave Me O.P.I

Today's design is a bit of a random abstract pattern. I, like Emma, am struggling with inspiration at the moment. We're so busy that we don't have time to browse our usual inspiration sources! Anyway, you can't go wrong with O.P.I neons and a bit of striping tape...

The base colour here is I Cannoli Wear OPI* from the Venice collection, and the accents are Down To The Core-al* and Life Gave Me Lemons* from last year's neon collection. I can't get enough of pale grey with neons, love it so much! The neon polishes don't photography very well, they are much brighter in real life and the colours don't look quite as 70's as they do in these images!
I just used striping tape, applied in no particular pattern, to create the abstract geometric design. I filled the gaps in with neon polish and then removed the tape to leave some funky shapes. I quite like that the two accent nails are different and don't cover the nails in the exact same way, it adds to the random feel of the design!

Jo x

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  1. This is such a lovely pattern! I've never actually owned any O.P.I. polishes, depsite lusting after them for years. I love the look of this neon orange though, so will be taking a closer look at it next time I'm near an OPI stand :) x
    Charlotte's Road


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