Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Inspired by: Urban Outfitters Menswear

I have a bit of a random design for you today. It came from one of my random scrolls through Instagram and a pic I came across on the Urban Outfitters feed. I think it was for a menswear feature and I just really liked the colour scheme: the turquoise with the black and white accents and the bright sunset as contrast. So pretty. Not quite sure how well it translated onto my nails but I thinks it's OK.

I used a whole range of Barry Ms for this. The white is one of my favourites: Cotton*. It's a brilliant white that applies really nicely, like all Gellies. And the blue, Turquoise, is another shade that I adore. I love it as a stand alone shade for summer and like the colour pop that it brings to this mani. For this look I decided to concentrate on the turquoise trousers, the checkered Vans, the black and white t-shirts, and the sunset pic (which I now realise has no palm trees - oops). After complaining of having no ideas last time it was nice to try something like this again, it felt refreshing to get some inspo from a bit of an irregular source like a menswear post. I'm not quite sure that it worked but it just felt good to be doing something original again. 
Happy Tuesday!

Emma x

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  1. As simple as this design is, I really like it! Especially the menswear theme to it, its so earthy and such a difference from the usual feminine designs we see.



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