Monday, 31 August 2015

Diamonds and Pearls

The inspiration for today's design was the Stepford Wife in pink cashmere and pearls. Not sure that's entirely what comes across. It looks a bit trashy but I LOVE it! Despite looking quite intricate it was so easy to create and has such a high visual impact. The girliness isn't really me but this is so kitsch I can't help but want to wear it every day.

The base is At Least I Pink So* from Nicole by OPI. IT's a classic baby Barbie pink. The embellishments are from all over the place: WAH, Born Pretty, and Amazon mainly. I love the way they work all together to create this look. After I painted the pink I used a coat of seche and plonked the gems randomly using tweezers. 

Are you a fan of embellished nails? I know they can be a bit hit or miss. I think I'm now a fan!

Emma x


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