Saturday, 15 August 2015

Beach Huts

Last weekend we were sunning ourselves down on Hayling Island beach. As I write this it's pissing down with rain. Oh British summer time, why are you so fickle!? Anyway, all the rubbish weather this week had me dreaming of the seaside and holidays. It got me thinking about the cute little beach huts dotted along the seafront and I instantly had a new mani design!

These two Mavala polishes Lemon Cream* and Blue Mint* literally fell out of the bag alongside each other and I knew I didn't have to look any further, they were perfect! Usually when I put yellow and blue next to each other it looks garish but the soft pastel tones and white lines breaking them up make them gorgeous!
I used striping tape for the lines as I was not feeling the freehand stripes. It takes a while to stick them all on but then it's so much quicker to apply the polish. The Mavala polishes have quite a thin formula so they work really well with tape. When I peeled it off the line was crisp and the polish didn't pull away at all which happens with thicker formulas. 

I'm in love with this summery mani and the colour combo, now just to find the nearest beach!

Jo x

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  1. These are cute, i like the way the colours contrast each other =]


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