Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sarong Wrap Glitter Fade

I've been looking at Models Own - Sarong Wrap* in my drawer for a while now, wondering what I can do with it. I'm bored of just teaming a yellow base with a white design, and wanted to go for something a little more eye catching. Glitter fade is such a simple design, which we've used many times, but not one I would usually pair with a polish this bright. Something called to me when I saw these two polishes next to each other and I just knew I'd have to try it out.
The glitter is also from Models Own, it's called Gold Finger and is brilliant. I'd really recommend Models Own glitter polishes, they're perfect for a design like this. I thought this colour combo might turn out hideously garish and clashy, but when I actually put it together I was pleasantly surprised. Ok, so I agree that it's not exactly subtle, but it is cute. Glitter isn't that prominent in our summer designs and I tend to use it a lot more in winter, but mixing it with such a bright colour brings it perfectly into this season!
I personally love a yellow nail varnish, but do find it quite hard to pull off. What do you think about yellow polish? Yay or nay?

Jo x

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  1. This is such a pretty idea, I'd have assumed it wouldn't work too but it actually does. You could change the colours of the nails and do the colours of the rainbow changing to glitter!



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