Sunday, 19 July 2015

Purple Sunset Fade

Yesterday I went to Lovebox where it was stinking hot. It was also so dusty that I had to scrub myself clean when I got home. Twice. It was gross. I'm just glad I didn't wear open-toed shoes. Those poor girls looked like they had dirty potato toes. I had a great time though. I loved watching people with their crazy outfits and Snoop Dogg was amazing even though some silly girls in front of us tried to start trouble. How can you start a fight when you're listening to Bob Marley's jammin'? Idiots. 

I didn't actually wear any polish as I was in a massive rush in the morning on account of waking up with a hangover. There was a tent where some girls were doing nail art but I didn't really look all that much as I wouldn't want to spend my time there getting my nails done and then worrying about them getting ruined by the dust. They seemed pretty popular though. 
These nails would have been pretty good to wear to Lovebox as they are so summery and bright, just like the mood yesterday. The fade was created with Barry M's Need For Speed* and Grapefruit. I used my Barry M nail pens to create the trees too. I topped with a matte top coat in the end and can't decide if I prefer this or the glossy finish. 

Happy Sunday!

Emma x


  1. This is such a pretty design, I love the colours used. A great twist on the usual sunset nails!


  2. Oooo this is so pretty =]


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