Thursday, 9 July 2015

Pink Summer Tartan

Last year I did a summer tartan mani and I thought I'd give it another go for this year. I went for a less bold look this year with a simple accent nail. I also went for a softer shade as I'm loving pastels for this summer. I love this pink but it has made me realise just how pink my fingers are - it kind of blends in! Not that I care too much, I'd still wear this shade daily.

The pink is Rimmel's Ring A Ring O' Roses* which is such a cute baby pink. The grey stripe is Little Bo Peep, and the gold is Darling You Are Fabulous*, both also from Rimmel. I used a white nail art pen to draw the other lines. 

Last year was the first time I had really attempted tartan and  I had mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I managed to get it looking pretty cool and then other times it looked a bit tacky. I like today's look as it's just a hint of tartan and the shades used mean it's quite subtle. Cute!

How do you guys feel about tartan nails?

Emma x

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