Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Peach Melba Florals

It feels like a long time since I've put together a floral mani, and who doesn't love some florals from time to time?! I found a screenshot of a really cute floral mani by @just1nail on my phone and thought I'd try out some tiny roses around the edges for a change. 

I chose Peach Melba as the base colour but I regret that a little, it doesn't go very well with the red roses at all. I was going to do pink roses but thought that would be even worse with the peach. Next time I'll stick to a nice blue or cream backdrop I think!
The polishes are all Barry M. Along with Peach Melba I used, Blood Orange, Rose Hip*, Key Lime, Red Wine and Caramom*. I always resort to Barry M for florals, they seem to make all the right colours! I used their white nail art pen for the dots too. The dots weren't planned but I needed something to break up the expanse of peach!
I absolutely love Peach Melba so it's a shame I used it badly in this mani, next time I promise to coordinate it better for you. However, the roses I'm really pleased with. This style is so pretty and the overall effect is lovely. I used a darker green than usual for the leaves and added highlights in a lighter polish which seem to look a little more natural than what I used to use (must remember which greens they were for the future!)

Looking at the closeups I wish I'd added more detailing in to the roses, but it's really tricky when they're so small and you're only using polish as a medium. Oh well, I suppose I'd better just keep practicing!

Jo x


  1. Wow, I love this nail art! I own Peach Melba and think it is such a nice shade. I really like the look of Blood Orange so will definitely be taking a look at it next time I'm near the Barry M stand :) x

    Charlotte's Road

  2. This is such a feminine nail art, I love the colour you opted for, not quite and orange but not quite a pink.


  3. Ooooo I love these =]


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