Friday, 17 July 2015

OPI Coca Cola Anniversary Shades

This year sees the 100th anniversary of the Coca Cola bottle which OPI has decided to celebrate with two new colours: Centennial Celebration* and Visions of Georgia Green*. Both of the shades reflect the original slightly metallic, frosty looking bottle. The two shades are now part of the OPI Coca Cola family which covers a much larger shade-range than I expected. 

Centennial Celebration* is a gorgeous silver shade that I think will be incredible for party season later in the year. For a metallicy polish this applies pretty streak free which is amazing. The tiny glitter specks make this polish really stunning and unlike any other silver I own. Love it!
Visions of Georgia Green* is not my sort of colour and I really can't see me wearing it all that much as it doesn't really suit my skin colour. However, it's an incredible shade that I kind of want to wear just to watch it change colour. That's weird I know but it's a hypnotising colour. I have seen duochromes before but this kind of blew my mind. The shades range from the shiny green (above) and much more of a silver-green (below) that reflects the shade of the original bottle. I love it but I wouldn't necessarily wear it. 
I'm a bit ashamed to say that these are the first OPI Coca Cola polishes that I own. I feel like the range is such a staple in OPIs collection now that I really should have tried some before.

Are you fans of the Coca Cola range? How do you feel about the two new shades?

Emma x

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  1. I really like these shades, they're so unusual. Its quite amusing that OPI based a collection on Coca Cola though.



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